I think I’d like to share in the next few posts some of the biggest changes that we’ve experienced and that I’ve personally experienced as we’ve grown. This one is just an introduction. The next one will be “The First Things to Go,” which will talk about the things that I/we had to let go of in order to allow our ministry to grow. After that I’ll talk about the kinds of things I/we had embrace or add.

It’s hard to change the way you think about ministry…the way you do ministry. Growth has demanded that I really wrestle with my view of the church, my understanding of what is that I’m supposed to do as a youth pastor, my calling in ministry, and my own personal insecurities.

But one thing I know for certain is this:

To allow the church to grow according to God’s plan, I have to be willing to change my plan.

Are you?

Author: Jim Murphy

Associate Pastor | NextGen Ministries Covenant Church, Bemidji, MN

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