Defining Roles on our Youth Ministry Team

The more recent conversation in our Student Life Leadership Team has been about defining our roles (this post) and focusing our meetings (next post). Now that we’ve established some large-frame infrastructures to support our ministry, we’ve developed some new growing edges around our roles and the need to more clearly define them. Here’s what we’ve […]

Preaching to Youth (Part 1): Keep Preaching

Yes… …we all know that kids learn & grow effectively in a variety of ways. They learn by doing & practicing. They grow through extended and stretching experiences. They learn through discussion. They learn visually through the arts. They grow by exercising logic and reason. There are a million ways that kids (and adults) grow […]

Growth Changes Everything (Part 1): Growth Requires Change

I think I’d like to share in the next few posts some of the biggest changes that we’ve experienced and that I’ve personally experienced as we’ve grown. This one is just an introduction. The next one will be “The First Things to Go,” which will talk about the things that I/we had to let go […]

My Role as a Youth Pastor

I’ve always seen my role as a youth pastor as having four major objectives. Pastor the People. Mobilize the Ministry. Cultivate the Climate. Voice the Vision. Pastor the People As a pastor, my primary calling is to care for people God has brought within my influence. This includes sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, biblical […]