When Kids are Cutting

When Kids are Cutting

I’ve been in youth ministry for more than 20 years and have come to realize that there is no end to the steady stream of kids who experience deep pain in their lives and resort to cutting (and other destructive behaviors) as a means of coping. Every time I talk with a young boy or girl […]

Suicide and Self-Doubt

A girl I know took her own life last week. She grew up in our church and was part of our youth group during the earlier part of her high school years. I spent some time with her parents on Friday … crying, wondering, sharing stories, and crying some more. Lots of pain around this […]

Limiting Our Growth on Purpose

Our growth started reaching into a certain direction the last couple of months. But, it’s too much for us to handle well. So, we had to put a cap on it. We had to limit our growth in that direction. I hated having to do it but it had to be done. We’ve been attracting […]