1. Leading Worship – I used to do that, but now someone else is doing that.

2. Giving the Welcome and Announcements – I used to do that, but now we have 2 student hosts each week giving the welcome and announcements. They’re doing great as long as we give them cue cards.

3. Teaching/Speaking – I do a lot of this but certainly not every time. We’ve empowered three lay leaders to do the teaching for our teaching groups tonight and and most other weeks, as well.

4. Leading a Small Group – I used to lead a small group, but now I don’t. I found that when I was leading a group myself, I wasn’t available to the other groups and leaders when needed and I wasn’t able to really invest my full attention to the group outside of youth group.

5. Managing Production – I used to do this (and still do from a distance), but now we’ve empowered another person with the clearly defined expectations and vision, tools, and tech scripts, to manage the service production.

6. Running the Program – I used to do this but over the years I’ve gradually trained up our director to be aware of all the details, expectations, and needs to run the entire program.

My not doing these things tonight isn’t because it isn’t my job. Rather, I’m not doing these things because I’ve worked hard at mobilizing and equipping others to do these things (Ephesians 4:12).

So what will I be doing tonight? I’ll be loving people, encouraging them, empowering them, coaching them, caring for them, introducing new people to others, responding to crises if needed, and just being a pastor.

Love it.

Author: Jim Murphy

Associate Pastor | NextGen Ministries Covenant Church, Bemidji, MN

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