Guitarist on stage for background, soft and blur concept

Get Your Band to Start Using In Ear Monitors- You should consider getting your band to get rid of those monstrous stage monitors and get some IEMs (In Ear Monitors). Once you do, you’ll be amazed at how much better your band sounds. Benefits Using IEMs has made a huge difference in our sound. It has significantly reduced the stage noise. The noise from traditional floor wedges […]
Get Your Band to Start Playing to a Click Track- If you’re tired of your band speeding up and slow songs and slowing down on fast songs or speeding up and slowing down on any song, get ’em on a click.Most of the pros play to a click. Every great worship band plays to a click. Pianists and other classical musicians have played to clicks (metronomes) […]
Drums too Loud? Here’s the Silver Bullet!- The Problem Those drums can be way too loud…even for youth. It’s hard to have a great musical experience when the drums are overpowering everything in the room. Some have tried to solve this by Turning everything else way up. But then your eardrums start bleeding because the human ear cannot handle that kind of volume. […]
The Power of Ableton- If you have a pretty good worship band or youth band and you want to help them move from good to great, Ableton Live will help you get there. Of course, nothing can replace the importance of your musicians’ personal proficiencies. But, if they’re already pretty good at their instruments, Ableton will help your band […]
Automating with Ableton- With Ableton Live and your Mac's built in Audio Midi Setup you can automate your projection with Renewed Vision's ProPresenter the lyrics you project on the screen, the videos you trigger, and lighting ...
Building a Young Adult Ministry 2 – A Church within a Church- Two and a half years ago we shifted our young adult ministry strategy to one more like church planting, a “church within a church.” After using a more "integrative approach" for 8 years, I realized that we just weren't reaching our potential. I did a little local research and found that there are over 5000 young adults [...]

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