7 Do’s and Don’ts of Getting and Keeping Your Group’s Attention

It’s your responsibility to gain and retain the attention of the students in your group. I don’t think you can expect students to automatically grant attention to you as speaker/leader just because you’re an adult or just because you’re up front. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts of getting and keeping their attention.

The Secret Sauce for Speaking to Students

This is being posted on a Wednesday. Hopefully most of you have already planned your message/lesson for tonight. But, if you’re looking for some last minute magic…here ya go. This is, by far, the best format I’ve used for delivering my messages to students. It’s the ages old Hook, Book, Look, Took. Hook Option 1 (my […]

Preaching to Youth (Part 3): Creative Use of Stories from Your Own Life as a Teenager

I love using stories in my messages. I usually “hook” them (I use the Hook-Book-Look-Took method) with a personal story from my own life…preferably one from when I was a teenager. I prefer my own stories and not stories and illustrations from books or websites because they allow me to do two things. First, it […]