NextGen Ninja: The Master Communicator Rule #1 – Be Prepared

NextGen Ninja: The Master Communicator Rule #1 – Be Prepared

YEARLY OR QUARTERLY Prior to each year, take time with your team (your staff and/or your most trusted key volunteers) to map out your teaching schedule for the year. If this is a new discipline for you, perhaps you should start out by quarter or semester. For more on how to do this, read A Student-Centered Process […]

NextGen Ninja – The Master Communicator

NextGen Ninja – The Master Communicator

Welcome young padawan ninja. With much practice and discipline, you, too, can become a Master Communicator. Time out. Before I go any further, I’m definitely not presuming to be a master communicator! It’s just really fun to use the ninja lingo. The truth is, I still have a lot to learn about being a good […]

When Teens Are Gay

When Teens Are Gay

  We have teens and young adults in our church who are gay, bisexual, and transgendered. At one point not too long ago, we had to deal with two girls who were actually kind of making out with each other during our large group time. I eventually had a private conversation with the two of them […]

The Secret Sauce for Speaking to Students

This is being posted on a Wednesday. Hopefully most of you have already planned your message/lesson for tonight. But, if you’re looking for some last minute magic…here ya go. This is, by far, the best format I’ve used for delivering my messages to students. It’s the ages old Hook, Book, Look, Took. Hook Option 1 (my […]

A Student-Centered Process for Planning Curriculum

Every year, this is how we plan our curriculum for the next year. It’s all laid out in advance but, of course, we make changes as needed when something comes up that needs to be addressed right away. May – Debrief with staff, key leaders, and small group leaders (SGLs) and Discuss the previous school year’s […]

Using Catechism to Set a “Rock Solid” Table

Pushing back from the table is the best part of a meal with friends. That’s when the really good conversation comes out. That’s when you really start exploring deeper subjects, family histories, personal tragedies, and more. We’ve had our fill of a good meal. We’ve had our formal, meal-time gathering. The dishes have been passed, […]

Core Commitments for Growing a Ministry

There are probably a million little factors that contribute to the growth of any youth ministry ranging from the unilateral work of God to the kind of experience that is found when attending a program to the level of relational authenticity. Some youth ministries grow by sheer force of personality and charisma and some by […]

A Fresh Start – Follow Up Strategies

I’m frustrated with our follow up strategies. It worked just fine a few years ago but not so well anymore. I’ll tell you what we do then what the problem is. We use “A Fresh Start: Following Through on Your Commitment to Christ,” a 30 day devotional by Scott Larson that answers many of the […]

Sharing the Gospel

I try to share the gospel as often as I can. Sometimes it’s with individual students. Sometimes it’s on a special bring-a-friend-to-hear-the-gospel night. Sometimes it’s a tag-on to another message. The point is, I’m usually looking for opportunities to share the gospel. I try to pay attention to potential students who need the opportunity to […]